New February Promotion at ZeroPricetags! Win $100!

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03-02-2008 12:05:03

Hi everyone!

It's the start of a new month and a start of a new promotion at ZeroPricetags. We are little behind because we were trying to brainstorm something different but everything we came up with seemed iffy so we are going to go with something we have done in the past.

We are going to have two promotions this month. The first, is a weekly giveaway like the iPod one we did in November. We will be giving away $100 to two people every week. To enter into this contest, you just have to cash out $150 or more in that week with January 21st to February sign-ups. So again, that's $100 to two different people per week. The drawings will be held on Sunday and the entries for the week have to be in Sunday at noon EST for the prior week's drawing. You can get multiple entries by multiple cash outs in the week.

As for the second promotion, we are going to be doing a surprise Valentine's Day gift giveaway. More details will become available for that but we hope to be a few people's secret valentines, haha.


- $100 for two people every week, must have entries in on Sunday by noon EST to count for prior week.
- You must cash out more than $150 to be counted as an entry for the week.
- All sites are open to this promotion.
- Multiple entries per week are allowed.
- Referrals that signed up AFTER January 21st that you haven't cashed out already, and all referrals in February will be counted for this promotion.

So you pretty much just have to do what you kept on doing and you will be winning $100 more in cash! That's pretty easy, huh?

Thanks to everyone who participated in our last one and we will be ready for the next promotion. We will be giving away free greens to the first 5 people who open a support ticket on our site. No exceptions, just the first 5.

Thanks and have a great week!

The ZeroPricetags Team


12-02-2008 10:11:22

Only one entry so far! D