Things you SHOULD NOT do at ZeroPricetags

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25-01-2008 12:38:57

Hi everyone,

I figured this post is long overdue and I'm not mad or frustrated in any way but it's better to post it here then try to tell everyone individually or simply stick in the terms and service. (Even though the majority of this stuff is already in there).

Anyway, we've had a couple problems lately and we believe it begins with the referrers. I think referrers are misleading people a little bit as to what to do when teaching them freebies. If they ask you about one of the following activities below, now you will have an official answer. I honestly don't know anyone specifically who is doing this it's just a hunch I've got. So here are some things you SHOULD NOT do or promote to a new user at ZeroPricetags, or for that matter any freebie site as it will cause repercussions for both you and the network.

[b1ce23d7270]1.[/b1ce23d7270] Please do not use a fake email address. Just because we do not make you verify your email address, doesn't mean you can enter a fake one. We might start verifying emails if this gets to be a problem. I've gotten a number of emails denying mailboxes because they are "unavailable" lately. From now on if that happens, I will be holding accounts on the spot. Advertisers HATE this because this is one of the first things they want, a valid email address. Another bad reason why you shouldn't do this is that you can't receive confirmation emails for manual credit requests or unexpected charges.

[b1ce23d7270]2.[/b1ce23d7270] Please do not use a prepaid credit card. We've got two new publishers who are beginning to revoke for prepaid credit cards. These publishers are widely used by other freebie sites as well. We received a few hundred dollars in revokes for prepaid card users a few days ago and we just ate the costs but from now on we will be revoking if we receive word back from the advertiser that people are using prepaid cards and they revoke the credits. You might say, "Well, I need some protection against these offers!". The offers we have on our site atleast are all legitimate and if you read the terms and conditions like recommended, you will not have any problems with unexpected charges. If something of this nature does happen, we will handle the situation.

[b1ce23d7270]3.[/b1ce23d7270] Please do not submit tickets for manual credit as soon as you complete the offers. Please wait until at least 12-24 hours because some offers can take longer than displayed depending on the circumstances. We have them listed as instant because they are instant the majority of the time but that doesn't mean 100% of the time. It backlogs us with a lot of tickets when people do this and often times it's for no reason.

I don't mean to be a stickler and I'm not complaining, I just want to give fair warning. Number 3 is kind of just a request that we have but both number 1 and 2 rules will be enforced starting today. Again, these are rules that you should practice with all networks, not just ZeroPricetags, because all of them will feel the effects of these just as we have.

Thank you and if you have any questions whatsoever, please post or contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Have a great weekend,
The ZeroPricetags Team


28-01-2008 15:03:38

I want to add one more thing to the list and I think this should be common sense but it's just one more complaint that we have gotten in the past. Some people think it's okay to cancel shortly after the trial as long as you green. Canceling within 24 hours is bad but also within 4-5 days of a 14 day trial when you haven't received the product could also be considered fraud. Think about it, companies are paying us because we are bringing potential customers to them. If you cancel before the product even arrives to you, the business can't even consider you a potential customer because it practically just went into your junk/spam email folder without you even looking at it. It's wrong and it will destroy this business so chalk that up as number 4.


29-01-2008 09:11:11

Thanks for posting this JKirk... I think it needed to be said, as there are several people out there that are misleading newbies, and taking advantage of their naivety.


30-01-2008 09:27:17

thanks for the helpful information.