1099's are mailed for 2007

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15-01-2008 14:12:25

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick update pertaining to the 1099's. I have mailed out the 1099's to all of the recipients and they should be there in a few days so heads up for those. If you have any specific questions pertaining to your account in 2007, please let me know. However, we regret to inform everyone that we are not experts on taxes nor how to file these amounts so please speak with someone else who is knowledgeable in this area.

Thank you and happy 2008!

The ZeroPricetags Team

PS Still waiting on the PayPal folks to release funds for payments, hang in there, guys! It will be paid out today [bb0019a65e3]for sure[/bb0019a65e3].