Payments delayed a few hours today

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15-01-2008 04:14:52

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that payments will be delayed a few hours today. A few orders were approved last night and I always pay them early in the morning but PayPal is a little behind on their deposits evidently so I'm waiting on them. Payments will definitely be made today probably sometime mid-day. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!

The ZeroPricetags Team


15-01-2008 12:12:15

Still waiting on the folks at PayPal, thanks and sorry about this guys!


15-01-2008 18:04:23

All payment sent, sorry about the delay. We wanted to wait till PayPal posted the money so the payments could be fee-free. -) Thank you for your patience! We are now back to regular schedule with payments.


16-01-2008 08:00:20

You rock!


16-01-2008 09:14:39

horray for ZPT