Referral counts reduced on 10 gifts!

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06-01-2008 13:19:21

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have lowered the referral requirements on a lot of our physical gifts. This was a bit overdue but not many people order items so we were unaware of how much some of the prices have fallen. The following gifts are effected

32" Sharp LCD 1080 TV went from 13 to 12 referrals.
Xbox 360 Premium went from 10 to 9 referrals.
Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive went from 8 to 5 referrals.
Sony Ericsson W810 went from 8 to 6 referrals.
Samsung i607 Blackjack went from 12 to 10 referrals.
Nintendo DS Lite went from 4 to 3 referrals.
Motorola SLVR L7 went from 5 to 4 referrals.
Micorsoft Zune went from 6 to 5 referrals.
Apple iPhone 8GB went from 15 referrals to 10 referrals.
Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite went from 12 to 11 referrals.

We are still looking to reduce a number of other gifts but we have to find vendors for them so keep an eye out.

The ZeroPricetags Team