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01-01-2008 14:11:53

Hi everyone!

Happy 2008 to everyone! Here at ZeroPricetags, we plan to kick off this year right with three new sites. Some of you may have already found them but here they are

http// - $80 per referral
http// - $80 per referral
http// - $60 per referral

These sites are great to use some of that holiday money on in case you didn't get exactly what you wanted this holiday season.

Now with these new sites, we are going to start our newest promotion today! It's a referral contest with a little twist. The top 10 referrers across all sites will earn $150 extra at the end of the month! However, we aren't going to be announcing standings so you just have to refer as hard as you can for this next month. It makes things more exciting and it's very time consuming answering all these type of questions when we hold a referral contest. So here's the details

- Top 10 January referrers will win $150 at the end of the month.
- All referrals must be in January.
- Referrals can be from any of our sites.
- $80 sites count as 2 "referrals" to be fair to the $40 site. $60 sites count as a 1.5 referral.
- Standings will not be privately/publically announced.

Now for these sites, we are going to be offering four free greens for each site. The first four people to open a support ticket on any of our sites requesting a free green will get it. You can only get one free green so just name the site you want and the first four will be applied for each one.

Thanks and good luck!
-The ZeroPricetags Team

sandra habina

01-01-2008 14:38:42

This sounds great. Count me in. I signed up for the new plasmas site.


01-01-2008 14:52:02

I signed up for plasmas site. Hopefully I still make it to your top 4. )


02-01-2008 05:36:20

Unfortunately, they are all gone but stay tuned for more announcements. )


02-01-2008 15:23:33

That sux ?


04-01-2008 21:20:10

Due to the request from a loyal member of our network, we've decided to add standings we will update [b0fefdb589d]daily[/b0fefdb589d]! Here's where you can find it


You can also find it by clicking the "January Promotion" button on the user side of any ZeroPricetags site!


06-01-2008 10:05:10

Standings have been updated!