ZeroPricetags Christmas Tree Contest Winners...

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25-12-2007 14:04:24

The winners of the ZeroPricetags Christmas Tree Contest are...

1st Showmecpa!
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2nd HeavenOnEarth
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3rd Superfinders
[img1d9fa8c249]http/" alt=""/"227/4292/[" alt=""/img1d9fa8c249][=http//img="][img1d9fa8c249]http/" alt=""/"227/4292/[" alt=""/img1d9fa8c249]

We had some beautiful trees and it was close till the very end between HeavenOnEarth, ShowMeCPA, and Superfinders! Those weren't the only beautiful ones though, a lot of them deserved more votes but it's a busy time of the year so a lot of people weren't able to be lurking on the freebie forums!

ShowmeCPA, please contact us with what you want between $25 PayPal, a $25 giftcard, or two free greens. HeavenOnEarth and Superfinders, please contact us for your free green on any unreferred account for winning 2nd and 3rd place!

Thanks for participating, everyone, it was a lot of fun!

- ZeroPricetags

sandra habina

25-12-2007 17:30:45

NICE CONTEST. Wish I had seen it earlier. What a lovely idea.
All the trees were beautiful.