ZeroPricetags Christmas Tree Contest! $25 prize or greens!

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12-12-2007 19:38:43

Merry Christmas to all!

In light of the holiday season, we are sponsoring a Christmas tree contest! First, everyone should post their Christmas trees between tonight and next Wednesday (19th). Then starting from the 20th to the 24th we will have a poll for everyone to vote which Christmas tree is the best. The winner will receive a $25 giftcard or $25 PayPal OR a free green on two of our sites!

The only requirements are that you have a ZeroPricetags account if you submit a Christmas tree picture. You also have to be posting your own Christmas tree, or if you don't have a tree you can post a friend's but please guys, don't be using Google or anything, make this fun! )

Here's my Christmas tree!

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14-12-2007 04:24:57

Nobody has a Christmas tree? Tough crowd...


14-12-2007 05:06:39

I posted on the other forums, Mine as well post it here!

Here's my Tree!! We Got a Big Fat one this year! Woot! Waiting to add the Tinsel (yuk) <--hubbys fav!

http/" alt=""/"263/489/picture004rv4.jpg[" alt=""/imgc9c43082e2]


14-12-2007 06:13:47

i have tons of pictures at home, i'll post my later tonight )


14-12-2007 18:32:05

Dang thats one Big Ole Tree !


15-12-2007 21:55:09

I don't celebrate Christmas.
Sorry (.


15-12-2007 22:27:45

Every year we go up to our friends cabin in the mountains and get a Charlie Brown tree. It's sparse, but the price is right.

http//[" alt=""/imgb877fc7c4b]


16-12-2007 14:09:27

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18-12-2007 13:01:10

As posted on A4F


and like I said there, yes that's a Playboy under the tree (in Japanese, because we all know my husband isn't going to READ it) Also it's pretty dinky, lol. I'm allergic to all trees and our house is tiny so we had to fit it in our video game room...we spend the most time there anyway.