December promotion - $50 per referral for items!

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30-11-2007 21:15:29

Hey everyone!

It's finally time to announce our December promotion and it's going to be great for you Christmas shoppers! For all our sites, we have increased the referral payout to $50 per referral on all physical gifts. That means anything that is a physical gift including gift cards will have a referral payout of $50 each. For our other sites, just add $10 to each referral on all physical gifts as well!

When ordering a physical gift, select Custom Order and open a ticket to get your prize approved. Include a link (preferably from Amazon) and we will approve the gift so that you can submit it for order.

All physical gifts that are able to be ordered from Amazon will receive complimentary overnight shipping as well. This promotion lasts until the 15th of December so all orders must be placed on the 15th or before. This may be subjected to extension so please keep an eye on our forum if need be.

If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to PM or IM us.

Thank you and happy holidays!
- The ZeroPricetags Team


30-11-2007 21:32:15

Also, we forgot to add that there's a two gift limit that you can earn this two weeks. All referrals in the order must be earned in December. Thanks!


01-12-2007 17:27:20

Be sure to show all your potential referrals about our December promotion to make them jump aboard



03-12-2007 04:08:50

Get your holiday gifts now, they've never been shipped as fast as at ZeroPricetags!


03-12-2007 07:10:04

I'm on it. )


04-12-2007 04:24:48

[quote0e75425d95="babetran"]I'm on it. )[/quote0e75425d95]

Sounds great, don't wait till the last minute! )