December promotion around the corner!

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24-11-2007 07:38:40

Hi everyone,

I know we mentioned it in our Thanksgiving thread but I would just like to remind everyone that our December promotion is right around the corner! We took in consideration that it's Christmas time and a lot of people will be needing money so we thought of a promotion that would benefit everyone. Expect to see an awesome new promotion from us starting in December. You won't want to miss it!

Have a great weekend,
- The ZeroPricetags Team


24-11-2007 12:05:20

Can't wait )


26-11-2007 09:00:39

Me either. Jkirk's promotions are always the shiz-nit!


26-11-2007 12:54:37

[quote1c9a2636c2="jeagle82"]Me either. Jkirk's promotions are always the shiz-nit![/quote1c9a2636c2]

Thanks, Justin. 8) This promotion will be a big hit for all the Christmas shoppers!