New site launch! Free green promotion, HURRY!

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06-11-2007 15:00:25

Hi everyone,

The holiday season is right around the corner and it's inspired us to open up a new site! Come to ZeroPricetags for your holiday gifts and spending money! Instant payments and over 85 offers!

We are proud to announce the release of our newest site, Bonus.ZeroPricetags. It's for those of you that have mastered the $40 referral sites but aren't too keen on the $80 sites. It pays out right in between at $60 per referral and referrals have to complete 1.5 credit go green.


As a special promotional launch we will be giving away THREE free greens per forum. To enter just register (if you are referred, we will move you unreferred) and open a support ticket with the following information

1. Forum Name
2. Site Forum (A4F, FIPG, or FLR)

If you don't post these two things, we will not award the free green. The first three from each forum will earn the free greens.


06-11-2007 15:22:36

Signed up and opened support ticket


06-11-2007 15:25:08

Thanks for the free green


06-11-2007 15:47:15

Signed up as well.


06-11-2007 16:06:42

Hey, signed up and submitted the support ticket. I'm trying to figure out the difference between the two items we were supposed to include, and can't, so I hope I provided the info I needed. Thanks! )