New features and 25 new offers from ZeroPricetags!

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04-11-2007 08:11:47

Hi everyone,

We are proud to announce a few new features/tweaks for ZeroPricetags that were added this weekend. First, we have the proof gallery. I've taken the liberty to grab a few pictures from the Trophy Case but if you have an item (especially), or a large payment, please PM me and we can get it up there. We will reward for item pictures if they have "ZPT" or "ZeroPricetags" in them on a piece of paper. Go check it out


We've also added a new live chat feature on the front page of all our sites. It's located on the left side underneath the sponsors. We hope to get it a more noticeable button or replace it on the site but right now we are just testing it out. We don't want this to substitute support tickets for account issues but if you have a referral who seems lost or you want to add into your walk through they we will be available to assist them, your conversion rates should go up! As always our loyal support person, Bonnie, will be on that rain, snow, and shine.

And lastly, we have added 25 new offers putting us just shy of [b8f97ed8aa3]quality[/b8f97ed8aa3] 100 offers! It's taken us a while to be back near 100 offers but unlike a lot of networks out there we don't just put up random offers so we can be at 100. We take time to investigate and put up quality offers as well as take down ones that receive some complaints. If there are any certain offers you see on other sites and you want them to be at ZeroPricetags, please send us a message and we will see what we can do.

Thanks to everyone out there who has supported us and hopefully we can assist a lot of you in your holiday shopping in the near future!

-The ZeroPricetags Team


04-11-2007 15:11:32

Sounds like some very solid changes jkirk! Thanks for the great updates.


05-11-2007 10:17:12

[quotecf9391f728="jeagle82"]Sounds like some very solid changes jkirk! Thanks for the great updates.[/quotecf9391f728]

Thanks, Justin. )