Never been so insulted

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03-10-2007 13:28:42

I have been doing freebie sites for a year now and I have never been accused of anything but zeropricetags has the nerve to not only ask for an ID but when I send it they accuse me of false information with no explanation whatsoever. evil I will be sticking to my main sites from now on.


03-10-2007 16:31:20

We in no way, shape, or form insulted you. You were the fourth person from Georgia to cash out at our DIY site and the first three provided fake ID's and were scammers. You could say that we were profiling you in a way but I don't think politely requesting your ID and an electric bill is insulting. It's just a general fraud prevention technique that is nothing personal.

As for your account specifically, we are currently reviewing your electric bill and if it is legitimate and matching your information, we will happy to pay you.



03-10-2007 17:05:36

I was insulted because when I logged in it said "your account is on hold for the following reason, false information". I would have been glad to work with you had you just asked for my bill and told me why you needed it especially since I had already sent in my ID.

Thank you for looking into it.


04-10-2007 07:22:24

I'm still waiting on them..I didn't think it would take that long to look at a bill.


04-10-2007 07:28:53



04-10-2007 08:22:35

[quote81b9ed329b="arpt763"]I'm still waiting on them..I didn't think it would take that long to look at a bill.[/quote81b9ed329b]

It's taking longer because your address on the bill doesn't match the address you provided to us.


04-10-2007 08:28:03

Ok thank you I just wanted to know. But anyway you asked for a utility bill and that's from my old address. I don't have a utility bill from my current address as I am staying with someone. I can send credit card bills or any other type of bill if you are just trying to verify my address. But they won't be utility bills. Is that okay?


04-10-2007 13:18:45

Someone just called me from zeropricetags and she was very helpful and understanding. They were just taking safety precautions to protect their users which is understandable and I will definitely recommend this site to everyone!! Thanks again!