New: Custom Order Requirements

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01-10-2007 21:29:10

Hi everyone,

We would just like to let everyone have a heads up that we have a new requirement for the custom order option. Unfortunately, we cannot allow users to cash out with one referral for PayPal any longer on any site excluding DoubleCash. The one referral cash outs are pretty much eating up the funds so fast it's hard for our business model to stay afloat with instant payments.

We don't think it's that major for people to get one more referral but we think this change it is a necessary decision for ZeroPricetags to maintain all the other positive attributes that you have come to favor with us.

If anyone feels like we pulled the rug out from under them, please don't hesitate to PM me. These changes will be in effect in 48 hours.

Thank you,
The ZeroPricetags Team


02-10-2007 02:39:27

I totally agree with this idea.
I've always felt the "one referral" cash out not only promotes fraud, but is also bad for this business model.


02-10-2007 08:06:11

Definitely!!! )


02-10-2007 08:11:07

I agree good move, we also did this.


02-10-2007 09:48:23

Bump for exposure.