August 26th updates! Referral contest leaders!

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26-08-2007 11:00:08

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've last updated but to tell you the truth, there hasn't been much! We have been in the process of working out the last of the bugs of the new system. A few people might be experiencing problems and if so, please let us know so we can correct the problem.

First, we would like to remind everyone we did launch a new site, This would be a great site to get started on if you need that last boost for the referral contest. It would be the easiest site to get referrals on.

Second, we would like to announce the current leaderboard for the referral contest as of today. You have five and a half days to catch up to these people

brandybregler = 35
infinitypotential = 30
zollieferrell = 23
tracilee7465 = 23
allen_brown37 = 14
skate4fun = 12

Third, we would like to address a few issues people have been mentioning in support tickets

1. We had to take down the $1 offers due to the complaints of lack of crediting. I've announced this before and I'll say it again, in my opinion, the $1 offers do not credit as well and are often frauded. We think that it's overall better to just leave them down due to many reasons such as bad crediting, fraud, and a lot of complaints about customer service and crediting.

2. Some of you are having problems with passwords and signing up. Please keep in mind you have to verify your email address via a link sent to you before you can access your account. Also, please be aware which site you are supposed to be signing up to. It seems people start to email and scream at us and then it turns out they were trying to sign in at the wrong site.. how funny. P

3. Custom orders. With this new script, we have to actually approve the physical gift/custom order before you can see an order button so please open a support ticket when you are ready to order.

Last but not least, please make sure you read the credit times for offers before opening a support ticket complaint about them! It saves both of us time.

As always, thank you for the support, everyone!
-The ZeroPricetags Team


27-08-2007 23:10:37

that means we have to cash in before the 30th? as in submit referrals what we have ?