New site release!! Contest Update!

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19-08-2007 10:42:20

[b2f7b92cb6e]Hi everyone![/b2f7b92cb6e]

We are proud to announce the eighth site to our network, Gadgets.ZeroPricetags[=http//]Gadgets.ZeroPricetags! It's got a lot of stuff our other sites didn't offer and a lot of new gadgets, of course. We are going to try to update it as much as possible for those of you who still go after actual prizes. This site will be counted with the new referral contest so let's hope that gives some of you guys a boost!

[u2f7b92cb6e]Here are the referral contest leaders as of this morning[/u2f7b92cb6e]

Brandybregler = 24
Infinitypotential = 24
Zman = 22
Tracilee7465 = 18
Aschmidtoffers = 9
Allen_brown37 = 9
Support@huttoninvestments = 8

Thanks to everyone as always for the support!
-The ZeroPricetags Team