Regarding revokes and fraud

Live forum:


12-08-2007 11:50:59

Some of you may have noticed that your referrals have gone on hold recently. The reason is simple FRAUD. Even the “big users” from the forums are frauding now. They are signing up for offers they have NO interest in, and cancelling when the credit does not instantly show up.

One offer, an ink cartridge buying offer specifically, has had MASSIVE revokes by people who cancel before the product ships. These people will go on hold and will REMAIN on hold across the ZPT network. ZeroPriceTags has a name and a reputation to protect, and will not let users who fraud the system continue to use our service. We will not let you slide if you fraud an offer, and we never will.

This industry is on shaky ground and it is because of people frauding offers. People constantly ask me why we do not have more offers, and the reason being is because advertisers do not want to be flooded with bad leads, so they opt out of putting their offer on publishers, or opt out of letting incentive sites run them.

The way this system works, is you are supposed to be paid back for completing offers that you want to try. Ordering a product, getting credit, and then canceling before the product comes is fraud. You do not have to stay past every trial you sign up for, because I have done offers that after I tried them out – that I decided they weren’t for me.

You are hurting ZPT, the industry, and the company you signed up for and it will lead to freebie sites dying and eventually the death of the entire scene.