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01-08-2007 07:33:19

Hey everyone,[/size775d98e0ef]

Today marks the first day of August and guess what that means? Unfortunately, it means school time is just around the corner and here at ZeroPricetags we would like to help out people who are looking to pay off some of that tuition! So we would like to announce, due to popular demand, another referral contest! Here's what everyone wants to see, the prizes!

First place $700
Second place $450
Third place $300
Fourth place $150
Fifth place $100[/size775d98e0ef]

We know it may not be a big chunk of your tuition but hey, every little bit helps and we would like to reward hard working users! We will be posting a leaderboard as frequent as possible!

[b775d98e0ef]Details [/b775d98e0ef]
- All offer completions from the first of August till the first of September are valid for this promotion.
- All referrals that are intended to be counted must be cashed out in the month of August.
- Green for life policy still applies, open a support ticket for offer resets.
- No free green policies are currently active.
- Last but not least, you don't have to use this money for tuition! P

If you have any other questions, please let me know. New layout and script release will be sometime this week. If downtime is longer than a few hours the deadline will be extended. Testers will be contacted today if they are needed.

Thanks and good luck!
-The ZeroPricetags Team


01-08-2007 09:49:52

Do you have to wait until the contest is over before you cash out your August referrals or can you cashout as normal?


01-08-2007 10:04:05

[quotea172930499="diamond22"]Do you have to wait until the contest is over before you cash out your August referrals or can you cashout as normal?[/quotea172930499]

You can cash out as normal, whenever you'd like. D


01-08-2007 12:19:13

Cool promo....I will try my best....


01-08-2007 20:48:01

Just so everyone knows If you get a referral on DoubleCash, it will count as TWO referrals for the contest, but still ONE referral on the site.

BOTH offers must be completed in August for that referral to count in the contest.


02-08-2007 09:54:25

this is what I was waiting for )


03-08-2007 19:33:07

I would like to reserve the first place slot for my name! heehee