It's good to be back! ZPT Announcements!

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29-07-2007 07:32:39

Good morning, everyone!

I would just like for everyone to know that I am back and rearing to go with ZeroPricetags. How did everything go this past week? We just finished going through ALL the credit requests so that's good news! We'd like to announce a few big announcements for ZeroPricetags in the upcoming week!

1. We are getting a complete revamp of the design of ZeroPricetags! It's a big change and it will make things a lot easier for you! I expect higher conversion rates when you are dealing with inexperienced users!

2. We are getting a new script! I know a lot of you have been waiting on this so we can't wait to release it. We hope to squelch all those problems with not being able to "see" the sites. This will also speed up loading times and have a better feel than our older script! Guess what? The offer credit times that you see as 1-12 or 1-24 hours will now be instant with this new script! I know a lot of people hated that but we had to make due with what we had. The script has A LOT of new features that will we will announcement upon release.

We might need some testers for both of these above, if you would like to be a tester please contact me via AIM @ ZeroPricetags. We will select a few sometime early in the week!

We would like for this transformation to occur by Wednesday if things go well but could be even earlier. The transformation will start from midnight to 100 EST and probably last 30 minutes if all things go as planned.

Thanks for reading all this and we would like to also say thanks for all the supportive members out there. I know it's been hard for a lot of you who can't access off and on due to some technical problems so we hope we can have you back as a business partner so we can continue moving forward.

Have a great Sunday!
-The ZeroPricetags Team