Instant Credit Offers?

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28-07-2007 20:00:17

I'm just going back to freebie again.. and I noticed big differences, ZPTs used to rox my sox but what happened to all the "Instant Credit" offers (

those were the goods! I checked all the offers of ZPTs site... most of them are a day or two ( Will you guys work on this?


28-07-2007 21:30:47

Why does crediting time matter when choosing an offer?


28-07-2007 22:43:41

We wanted to provide a variety of offers and at the moment we are working on a script to credit these 1-24 hour offers instantly. It should be ready by next week a long with some other big changes! Basically, we weighed our options between

A. Less offers, most instant
B. More offers, less instant

Obviously choice B is the better option for the "greater good".


30-07-2007 09:39:44

[quote187a1dfe94="tylerc"]Why does crediting time matter when choosing an offer?[/quote187a1dfe94]

it does matter... everything matters