Bob Greene Diet scam!

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23-07-2007 18:39:57

I signed up for the Bob Greene Diet and entered all of my information. A few minutes later I got the email from them along with one from saying
"Thank you for ordering your New Messaging Service. We are pleased to confirm our receipt of your order and will be processing your new Messaging Service. A reminder, there is a one time setup fee of $8.43. In addition, the monthly fee is only $8.23. All charges will appear on your local telephone bill."

I'm glad I caught this in my spam box. Beware of this! Has anyone else had this problem????


23-07-2007 19:08:27

That might have been something that was a little box that you didnt uncheck and you "did" sign up for it.

Also, this has nothing to do with zeropricetags so this should be moved to the scammer section, not under this forum.


23-07-2007 19:16:23

[quotecf9138ac5b="zr2152"]That might have been something that was a little box that you didnt uncheck and you "did" sign up for it.

Also, this has nothing to do with zeropricetags so this should be moved to the scammer section, not under this forum.[/quotecf9138ac5b]

Nope. Went back and looked again to be sure and there was NO box for it. I had unchecked all extra boxes anway and it is not in the TOS either!Check for yourself at http//


28-07-2007 19:33:01

I feel decieved with offer b/c it said it was only going to be $6.95 for shipping/handling or something like with a "FREE" trial period but my CC got charged $40+!!! What's up with that!? I'm calling them first thing Monday morning.


28-07-2007 22:42:07

Let me know how this goes. I've never heard of that and this offer is very popular and had no complaints thus far of that nature. For now, the offer is taken down and we appreciate you reporting this.


29-07-2007 12:03:05

I was a little perturbed when I posted how I felt deceived about Bob Greene's diet plan. So I'm replying with some clarification here.

The website is called, not what I posted earlier.

Also, here is part of the confirmation email I received, which clearly states I would be RE-BILLED $49.85 (which is the exact amt chared on my CC on the same day I did the offer, by the way). I forget exactly how much the trial offer said when I signed up for it, but I don't believe it was more than $6.95 and not for shipping/handling (as I first thought) since there's nothing to ship, I believe. I think it was just for the so-called trial period.

Bob Greene's Best Life Credit Card Transaction Receipt (emailed to me)

Charge amount $49.85 - 3-month membership

This charge will appear on your credit card as If you do not
cancel your account, you will be re-billed for $49.85 on Saturday, October 27,

I began the TRIAL offer on July 27th, just 2 days ago. I also have not received credit for this complete offer. To be fair, I did get credit for another offer from cash.zeropricetags and really like your network.

Thank you for your reply, following up and looking out for us here.


30-07-2007 06:17:20

I called their cust. service number for and was very pleasantly surprised to receive a quick answer and a nice rep. She told me it's a refundable $49.85 charge as long as it's within the first 10 days. She also told me she'd be happy to send out the free book, with no ship/hand charge if I continued it for 3 mos.

Well, this issue is now resolved and I want to let anyone know that the company seems reputable, I just didn't expect to be charged $49.85 right away like that.

Also, I apologize. I DID receive credit for that one from zeroprice. I didn't receive credit for the second offer I tried. If you'd like to know the details, please PM me on that one. Otherwise, I'll be submitting a credit request for that offer, NOT Bob Greene's diet plan.

Thanks again for your quick reply to this matter. Again, I have no further issues with and I think their customer service was excellent.


30-07-2007 06:24:44

Sometimes you need to read the terms carefully. I'm not calling you stupid or anything, but some offers will word things strangely. If you have a question, contact their customer support before doing the offer. I've seen several offers now that charge upfront for a certain time frame/rate.


05-08-2007 20:26:38

When I completed Bob Greene's diet thing, the TOS said you would be charged the 3 month membership, but that it would be refunded if you canceled in the first 10 days. I know it's annoying, but it's good to read the TOS for each offer, as they do differ from one offer to another.