are they down?

Live forum:


06-07-2007 22:43:17

I have tryed to get the site up them and ordergiftsfree but I keep getting this

Site error the file /home/fsrevolu/public_html/order/license_invalid.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the site administrator.


07-07-2007 05:09:20

Where do you get this error? I have not come across it yet.


07-07-2007 09:05:00

This was a problem with all the sites using FSR. Try clearing your cookies and cache and going to our sites again. It should definitely be gone.


17-07-2007 14:03:11

Are you guys down again?
The site wont load up for me.


17-07-2007 14:34:01

We are up, what error are you getting?


17-07-2007 21:12:09

i have completed a number of offers on different ZPT sites..however, i am still waiting on credits for offers that were supposed to be "instant" credit. Does this mean that the offers are no longer valid?