Referral contest results! $1600 will be given away today!

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06-07-2007 09:39:31

Hi everyone,[/size130673f916]

We had a very productive June promotion this month despite the "freebie crash", so to speak! We are very pleased with the results of the contest and we hope these hard working users feel like it was worth it for these great prizes! Here are the results

1st - [b130673f916]troyntraci@[/b130673f916] - $700 PayPal
2nd - [b130673f916]parakanibrian@[/b130673f916] - Nintendo Wii + $150 PayPal or $400 cash
3rd - [b130673f916]teresakramer@[/b130673f916] - Nintendo Wii or $250 cash equivalent
4th - [b130673f916]allen_brown37@[/b130673f916] - $150 PayPal
5th - [b130673f916]heavan_earth_massage@[/b130673f916] - $100 PayPal

Congratulations to all the winners! If your name is on this final list, we need you to claim your prize via support ticket. You will not be sent your prize if you do not claim it.

[b130673f916]Upcoming News[/b130673f916]

We hope to have some great new material coming up with ZeroPricetags. It may involve some downtime but that's weeks ahead of time. We won't go into detail about it yet but we are doing some big upgrades! D

Thanks to everyone who participated in the promotion!
-The ZeroPricetags Team


06-07-2007 09:41:55

Some killer gifts, congrats to the winners


06-07-2007 10:35:02

Hey, ZPTS thanks!

I am the second runner up!

D Thank you and I will claim that prize right away!



06-07-2007 11:32:59

Thanks ZPT I will be thinking of you while I spend the 700.00 I love you guys the ZPT network is above and beyond all the competition no one even comes close!! keep up the great work you have great sites and great employees the great support is always appreciated...Traci D