News, news, news! New site release tomorrow! 6/26

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26-06-2007 16:07:04

Hi everyone![/size12892d4e95]

Long time no update, been very busy trying to get a few things ready for launch. We are releasing a brand new site tomorrow around 5 or 6 PM EST. Be ready to grab the conga spot and get trading early because it might be hard to get referrals if you wait too long! The new site seems to be the hot item so far and we have done some research so it should be a great site for our users!

We would like to point out that our referral contest is ending on July 4th which is 8 days away. The lanyards from the giveaway will also be going out this week. All gift cards have been sent out if you sent in a ticket. Here is the current leader board as of now thanks to Jasmine

[b12892d4e95]1st[/b12892d4e95] troyntraci@lililililili = 71

[b12892d4e95]2nd[/b12892d4e95] parakanibrian@lililililili = 33

[b12892d4e95]3rd[/b12892d4e95] teresakramer@ lililililili = 31

[b12892d4e95]4th[/b12892d4e95] orishas4life18@ lililililili = 25

[b12892d4e95]5th[/b12892d4e95] heavan_earth_massage@ lililililili = 18

liThis is not official, if you believe there is an error, please let us know.[/size12892d4e95]

We'd also like to announce an advertising campaign we will be launching on Anything4Free. A banner on the top will be going to our portal page. We are testing it and it will display a flash banner on the left of it with a basic tutorial and list all our sites. It might be a great place to send newer users to get their bearings and understand how our network works. We will be posting the link to that when everything is finalized tonight.

[u12892d4e95]A few things we would like to clear up
[b12892d4e95]1.[/b12892d4e95] A common misconception cleared up You [b12892d4e95]are[/b12892d4e95] allowed to log in different locations/computers than your home computer as long as nobody else has ever logged in from that network/computer.

[b12892d4e95]2. [/b12892d4e95]We cannot allow manual credit requests any longer despite them still being there. We will be disabling it shortly.

[b12892d4e95]3.[/b12892d4e95] We know we only have around 40-45 offers at the moment but we feel that these are solid crediting offers and that's more important to us rather than having 60 that are good and bad crediting offers intermixed.

[b12892d4e95]4.[/b12892d4e95] We are still sending payments based on how we feel about your account. Just as another network stated we process and approve orders same day that we feel are legitimate after calling or researching their information but if we feel more time needs to be granted for research on your account then you will not be paid same day.

Thanks and stay tuned for the new site!
-ZeroPricetags Team


26-06-2007 22:30:37

so i have to send a support to get my lanyard is that right


26-06-2007 23:05:03

wohoo im in the second place!!!!


27-06-2007 07:01:23

[quotec1cb1ce9d9="BLUETHUNDER01071973"]so i have to send a support to get my lanyard is that right[/quotec1cb1ce9d9]

Yes, that's correct. Hope you can hold on, puppeteer!


27-06-2007 07:49:17



27-06-2007 08:09:52

congrats pupeteer i am trying to hold on to first...good luck to you


27-06-2007 10:16:31

Wow.... how DO you get 71 referrals........ It's hard for me to even get one......
Anyways, i don't think anyone can top 71 referrals at all, lol.

And I can't wait to see what the new site is!


27-06-2007 14:43:01

GRRR!!! We can't get the buttons at the top to work so that means nobody can login after they register once they are logged out, haha. Hopefully it can still launch tonight but it won't be within the next hour. We are waiting on the script support to get back to us. We will post another update tonight around 8 PM EST.

The portal is ready though! D Works great and we will be releasing that at the same time for those who are curious to see it!


27-06-2007 17:14:32

awesome new banner i like it D