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23-06-2007 22:28:21

Hi everyone,[/sizec3f595c9c1]

I have just returned from my second trip this month from Charlotte. I had a relaxing trip and ready to get things rolling with upgrades to ZeroPricetags. My support guys did a great job while I was gone so hopefully nobody experienced any problems. I just wanted to run a few things by you guys and then we can get to the results we have so far on the referral contest.


Since publishers who offer instant crediting are having to shut down a lot of offers we have gone elsewhere to a company that happens to not offer instant crediting on some. We are running about 10 offers through so you may experience some delay on crediting. (Usually they are the ones that say 12-36 hours) They usually report fairly quickly but we have to issue them manually. I just issued about 50+ credits today from Thursday till now!

Also, for clarification, we also are forced to not support any manual credit requests. We will have a page up blocking the submit page for those requests sometime today unfortunately.

In other news, we will be putting up a leaderboard page for stats we can hopefully update every day or two since the deadline on the contest is coming up. (July 4th) We will be providing that link in this thread and a separate topic sometime today or tomorrow.
Now, contest results as of June 23rd! [/bc3f595c9c1]

1st = 48 referrals
2nd = 31 referrals
3rd = 23 referrals
4th = 16 referrals
5th = 15 referrals
5th = 15 referrals

It's very possible to get yourself on this list and/or increase your prize to something even better than what you are currently lined up for! Here's a list at our prizes that will be awarded July 7th. Deadline is July 4th!

Grand Prize $700 PayPal
Second Prize Nintendo Wii + $150 PayPal or $400 cash equivalent
Third Prize Nintendo Wii or $250 cash equivalent
Fourth Prize $150 PayPal
Fifth Prize $100 PayPal

Thanks everyone!
-ZeroPricetags Team

PS Keep an eye out for some fresh, new things from ZeroPricetags soon!