Zeropricetags comes Thru....$400

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13-06-2007 10:38:41

The message that used to me here...posted by me....has been removed by me. Zeropricetags went above and beyond to get my account straight...I will be using this site throughout my 'freebie life'. A BIG Thanks goes to TryinToGetPaid and JKirk!!!!


13-06-2007 10:57:32

I responded to all 3 of your support tickets - and I am currently waiting on you to tell me what internet service provider you use. There is no reason to make two posts about this. This can be closed and locked.


13-06-2007 11:10:33

I have recieved all three of your responses, you have never asked me what internet provider I use. The last response I recieved from you was saying "there is nothing we can do' Closing this is fine I just want to get it resolved.


13-06-2007 11:11:18

You have sent in 4 tickets now, with 3 PMs. The last 3 tickets responded with Who do you get your internet through?


13-06-2007 11:18:23

My mistake, I checked and there was a recent response I hadn't read asking that question...I responded via the support ticket. We can discontinue this thread if you like. Is anyone home on AIM? we could use that as well if it is easier.


13-06-2007 11:33:15

PM me your AIM name, I am at work - so I am on my work AIM name.