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12-06-2007 16:42:41

The new "once you're green, you are always green" rule means you do not have to do another offer to order from the same site again.

It does not mean that you can use fake information, cancel early, do offers more than once, or any other form of fraudulent activity and your "green" will remain green.[be493c9b6c0] YOU WILL BE PLACED ON HOLD![/be493c9b6c0][/colore493c9b6c0]

I have had many questions about this, so I decided to make a post about this so I can make sure everyone is 100% clear on this. If you fraud in any way, shape, or form you will be placed on hold. This is how it is, this is how it always will be.


12-06-2007 16:45:39

I thought it was quite obivious..............

Why would people ask such questions???


12-06-2007 16:46:24

Oh man, I thought that a free green meant that you would continue to pay me money without me having to do anything, including signing up, doing offers, or getting refs ;)

Just kidding. It is a little bad when you need to make a post about what a free green means, although I've gotten similar questions. Hope this clears things up for those users who are confused as to what a free green really is.


12-06-2007 16:51:33

I have gotten PLENTY of IMs and tickets about this, and in a hope to clear the air - I decided it was better to post it for everyone to see, instead of telling people one by one.


12-06-2007 16:59:05

When did this rule take place? once your green your always?


12-06-2007 17:06:03

[quote142df95e48="gmario"]When did this rule take place? once your green your always?[/quote142df95e48] http//

It was a few posts down.