dear Zeropricetags admin

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11-06-2007 15:16:10

i sent my driver license to zeropricetags to confim my address, i after sent it, my account was put on hold and my 122$ stuck there, what is the problem? i have proof that im the owner of my account, no fraud.

Please review my account (


11-06-2007 15:35:41

A) This should be in a support ticket.
B) What is your email address you signed up with?


11-06-2007 15:48:20

And its because your ID name doesn't match the name that you registered on. And because when we called, the name you used on the site, had no idea about ZPT.


11-06-2007 16:19:09

That is what i go by, americans cannot pronounce "khanh" so i chose "bach"
When you guys call me, i accidently said "no" because i forgot, but after the call ended, i remembered. That sounds kind of dumb. If you want an actual image of me or my DL, i can do that.

Thank you


11-06-2007 17:11:46

^ ... lol.

What do you mean "chose". They don't need to pronounce your name in order to see what you put as your registration information.


11-06-2007 17:15:26

i know, i have used that name for many years. What is wrong with my name while i can provide anything to prove myself.


11-06-2007 17:33:23




12-06-2007 11:36:22

Admin, what about my account now, i sent a support ticket 2 days ago, no reply.
My account was put on hold because my name, what about all my money i have spent to complete those offers ( it still has 122 bucks in my account.