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10-06-2007 05:42:16

Hi everyone,[/sizef6a9ac7a16]

Just wanted everyone to know that we did send out a new email with a bunch of news for this upcoming week/month. It probably hasn't gotten to the majority of you yet since I'm forced to only send 200 an hour but for the ones who have not received it, check it out here


It should have gone to about the first 1,500 users so you can probably figure out where you stand! I also just wanted to point out that we integrated a new policy at ZeroPricetags

[bf6a9ac7a16]Once you're green, you're always green![/bf6a9ac7a16] [/colorf6a9ac7a16]

Also, on another note, payments might be delayed this week. I'm going to be traveling all over the east coast for the majority of the week but we should have daily payments. All current payments as of this morning have been made and the rest of today and tomorrow will not be a long wait so rest assured. It's just whenever I have computer access so I'd estimate for the rest of the week, they will be same day!

When I return, there will be a celebration giveaway for the $200,000 shipped milestone! Keep an eye out for it, we will send out emails prior to the giveaway. [bf6a9ac7a16]There will be no offer completions necessary! [/bf6a9ac7a16]



10-06-2007 07:23:02

I didn't think it could be done, but I guess there was room for improvement!
This is incredible!


10-06-2007 07:30:13

Does this mean there aren't any reds at all on ZPT? Or just that credit can't be revoked?

I worry that this encourages fraud.


10-06-2007 12:43:35

It means you don't have to Re-do an offer if you want to order from the same site again...