Key to getting credit for Bargain/Pricestore offers!

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08-06-2007 17:57:33

I've noticed nearly every person who comes to my site and tries to complete a combination of Bargain Autos, Bargain Homes, and Pricestore, has problems. It's not just at my network either, it's everywhere!

[b7283dbcc48]Why? [/b7283dbcc48]

Publishers use cookies to track credits for our account and then eventually your account. When you do two offers from the same network, in this case, the Bargain Network, you need to clear cookies between the completions and REFRESH. Refreshing is the most important thing you need to do after clearing cookies.


- First, clear cookies in your Internet browser.
- Second, REFRESH your browser and log back into the site.
- Third, click the offer and complete it as normal.
- Fourth, wait [u7283dbcc48]ten[/u7283dbcc48] minutes and clear cookies again.
- Fifth, REFRESH your browser and log back in and then complete it.

This makes sure that the cookies from Bargain Network are recognized by the publisher's tracking module and everything credits correctly!