ZeroPricetags Downtime PHASE II

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05-06-2007 17:34:16

Hey everyone,[/size8cdc4b8403]

This is phase II of our downtime starting at 10-11 PM EST. We apologize for this but as you may know, ZeroPricetags is unbearably slow for both our staff and users so we obviously have to do something. We assure we have taken the proper measures in case HostGator messes up so NOTHING will go wrong. We should be back up by tomorrow around noon if everything goes correctly.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience in this matter, we really do appreciate it. These are the growing pains from you, the users, and we have to accommodate everyone at ZeroPricetags as we have done to the best of our abilities these past four months!

[b8cdc4b8403]Promotion[/b8cdc4b8403] We will be releasing an exciting new promotion tomorrow upon going back up. It will make things around the forums very exciting and we hope to reward as many people as we can. Please check ZeroPricetags[=http//]ZeroPricetags for the update and announcement late tonight and tomorrow morning!

-ZeroPricetags Team


05-06-2007 22:38:56

The server upgrade was successful. The DNS is now propagating so you should be able to access ZeroPricetags shortly. The domain is up and fully functioning so if you do not get the down page, you can access the site!



06-06-2007 00:37:31

Oh, I really don't want to be the one to tell ya this but I can't login. I get this

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06-06-2007 01:34:28

Same here, although it's a relatively easy fix, since I've had to do it.

liwaits patientlyli


06-06-2007 05:56:32

Fixed that problem but we are having problems with the tickets showing up for some reason. I receive email notifications and they are in the MySQL database but they aren't in the script. As soon as we get this fixed everything should be done.


06-06-2007 08:04:11

I think we are all squared away now. If you find any errors or problems let us know.