06-02-07 Scheduled Downtime for ZeroPricetags... 1:00 AM EST

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31-05-2007 17:50:03

Hey everyone,

All ZeroPricetags sites will go down this Saturday, June 2nd at 100 AM EST, for a server change. We are upgrading servers for faster loading times. A simple server down page will appear when the site is officially down and anything done after that will not be recorded on file if you happen to bypass it. Please pass this a long to your referrals to prevent any chaos.

We expect the sites to be back up and functioning with 24 hours. No information will be lost from the database and everything will be functioning 100%. We will send an update email if we expect any longer delays. Some users may experience downtime longer than others as the DNS propagates.

When ZeroPricetags is back and fully functional to all, we will be releasing a new site! We will also include a promotion that is related to this new site so please keep an eye out in your inbox or the freebie forums for the announcement on that.

Thank you,
-The ZeroPricetags Team


01-06-2007 23:00:55

Just bumping this up so people know what is going on...


02-06-2007 00:28:48

Will this affect any offers done JUST BEFORE the server went down? I ask because my offers and referral's offers have been crediting without a hitch... no problem, until my most recent ref completed 2 offers around 11 (EST) tonight and hasn't received credit yet. I think he said they were instant offers. Not complaining... just wondering.


02-06-2007 05:29:34

After we do the change over, I will look into it. Just PM me your email address and I will look into it ASAP.