Big upgrades from ZeroPricetags; signatures, lanyards, + mo'

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25-05-2007 15:55:54

Hey everyone,[/size89dcbd961d]

I know I haven't been around the forums much but it's because my team and I are trying to work our hardest to get orders and tickets answered even faster than before! Right now we are working on coding and designing a portal page. We will be moving in a portal page at the current location where the original ZeroPricetags is. (

[b89dcbd961d]That means sometime next week, we may be experiencing some downtime while this switch takes place.[/b89dcbd961d] The original and current ZeroPricetags freebie site will be moved to http// It will have the same look and everything should be intact with this move. All referral links will be working correctly so no worries about that! We will release an official date and time this weekend hopefully so you can work around it. We don't expect much downtime if all goes well.

Another upgrade we are working to code for Monday is status updated signatures! They will be available on the status page and you can tie them in with your referral links. These signatures are pretty good looking and you will be able to show off your total earnings from ZeroPricetags so everyone can be envious. w00t

Please let us know whether you think ZeroPricetags has been loading slowly in your browser below! We want to upgrade the server but we want to make sure the majority of people accessing ZeroPricetags are actually experiencing a slow loading time rather than a handful of people. Keep in mind, there will be downtime for this upgrade as well which could be a few hours but will be minimized as least as possible. If HostGator can work with us, it will be late at night or early morning EST.

ALSO, even more news, the lanyards have arrived here and they look great. They look almost exactly like the picture displayed in the previous thread and I have thrown a few names into the hat who will be getting a surprise lanyard for their continuous loyalty and praise of ZeroPricetags as of late! We still have about 30 lanyards available so please complete the promotional offer or submit your proof pictures to so your lanyard can go out on [b89dcbd961d]Monday[/b89dcbd961d].

We have hired another support member to the ZeroPricetags who specializes in fraud detection as well. Her name is Jasmine and she will be doing a lot of the orders that are submitted especially for the DIY site. Due to the massive amounts of fraud, we have had to request valid identification on more than a couple orders as of late so please review our terms and conditions so you understand that. [b89dcbd961d]We do not require identification on the majority of our orders, just ones we feel need to be looked into.[/b89dcbd961d]

Finally, we'd like to thank all our members for the continued support in the polls and on the forums. We really appreciate it and we will be working hard throughout the summer so the future can be even more bright for ZeroPricetags.

Thank you,


28-05-2007 11:03:37

I'd like more feedback, guys! D


02-06-2007 23:58:03

Amazing job!
Keep up the great work!!!
And Thanks for all the gifts!



04-06-2007 00:00:54

I got my lanyard yesterday and it's great, it does look exactly like the picture. Thanks!!


06-06-2007 12:24:44

today i met this up date. i cant acess this site.. so how many times it will complete..


06-06-2007 12:25:37

today i met this up date. i cant acess this site.. so how many times it will complete..


06-06-2007 12:36:01

I'm still waiting for a free key chain thingy /me whistles


06-06-2007 13:15:40

I lithinkli I was supposed to get one, but I can't remember


06-06-2007 13:33:36

[quote781cc7ecae="tinkerjenn"]I lithinkli I was supposed to get one, but I can't remember[/quote781cc7ecae]

I KNOW i'm supposed to get one, because TTGP and JKirk love me so much ;)


06-06-2007 17:04:10

Hahaha, if you completed an order and/or supported ZPT continuously so that our staff noticed, you will be receiving a lanyard sooner or later. ;)


06-06-2007 18:27:32

I mean for the promo offer thing


09-06-2007 20:17:20

Got my lanyard!!!
Very nice looking!


12-06-2007 13:33:10

Gotta love ZPT, you guys rock! Favorite freebie site out there. Keep up the good work JKirk and staff!


12-06-2007 13:35:39

ummm...I still haven't gotten that lanyard yet...


12-06-2007 14:25:02

PM me, I will make sure you get yours -)


12-06-2007 14:57:35

I want a lanyard too. I just have to do that 1/10 credit offer right?


12-06-2007 15:14:16

Correct, and send in a support ticket for good measure never hurt.


12-06-2007 15:17:46

[quote9164b309fe="TryinToGetPaid"]Correct, and send in a support ticket for good measure never hurt.[/quote9164b309fe]

Well, it said I only needed to submit the zipcode, so i did just that.

So what do i have to do next? wink


12-06-2007 15:36:41

Wait for credit. Though I RECOMMEND doing the second page as well, it credits better when both pages are done.


12-06-2007 15:49:34

[quote7cd1630d1a="TryinToGetPaid"]Wait for credit. Though I RECOMMEND doing the second page as well, it credits better when both pages are done.[/quote7cd1630d1a]'

2nd page done wink


13-06-2007 08:52:17

So...I am still in pursuit of my lanyard i am a total stranger to this forum, but i am very well aquainted with the great staff and the zpt network, they are above and beyond all expectations, i have just submitted many, many, many.... proff pics to zpt support so a lanyard would be great but i will still love you guys with or without it !!! keep up the good work guys wink you will find i have supported zpt to the max on flr!!


13-06-2007 09:22:38

I did both but I don't know if you can see it...I want a lanyard (


13-06-2007 10:20:55

email= proof pics to proof pics to with the images and your addresses. It may be some time before they go out since JKirk is on vacation.


13-06-2007 11:09:27

Who still has the images?!