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11-05-2007 12:47:02

Hey Everyone![/sizef302114cae]

Its been a while since we have had a network update so here it goes! We have lots of exciting new additions to our network so wed like to introduce you.

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First, we would like to introduce the newest site to our network, [url==http//]DIY.ZeroPricetags[=http//]DIY.ZeroPricetags[/url]! We have over [bf302114cae]80[/bf302114cae] offers available and with a low minimum cashout at [color=#008000f302114cae]$25.00[/colorf302114cae], it cant be easier to make money online! We have added a lot of $1 trials with 12-36 hour credit times!

Second, wed like to introduce another new site, our [url==http//]tutorial page[=http//]tutorial page[/url]! It isnt quiet finalized yet and we are working on getting a longer form that includes clearing cookies. Feedback is welcome!

Third, another new site, our [url==http//]gallery[=http//]gallery[/url]! We want as many pictures as possible for our gallery so this is where you can earn a free ZeroPricetags lanyard! email= all proof pictures to all proof pictures to with your email that is on file on ZeroPricetags and your name and you will automatically be sent a lanyard at the end of the month. Get the lanyard while supplies last! If one of your proof pictures is already in the gallery, dont worry, we already have you on the list!

Here's what you can get just for emailing us your proof pictures!

[img="f302114cae]http//[" alt=""/imgf302114cae]

In other news, we have added a lot of new offers to both our referral sites and DIY. We are working on credit requests, which generally have to wait 7-10 business days before we submit. All problems with the script update two days ago [bf302114cae]have been[/bf302114cae] corrected and if you are having problems please refer to this thread to fix them


Thank you!
-John Kirkpatrick


11-05-2007 13:44:19

I love this idea ) I emailed you my proof pics, can't wait to get my lanyard!! D


11-05-2007 14:32:02

Hook me up with one of those lanyard for being your friend )

I'll wear it around, free promotion ;)


11-05-2007 15:31:08

[quote4050c838f8="O4F-Manofice"]Hook me up with one of those lanyard for being your friend )

I'll wear it around, free promotion ;)[/quote4050c838f8]

Haha, just register and do the simple 2 page submit or complete the site and send in proof. It's so easy!


11-05-2007 19:23:51



11-05-2007 20:50:45

Looking nice, very nice.

I think I might have to pick up one of those lanyards )


12-05-2007 08:02:28

Thanks, fellas. Patrick, you already are on the list because we used one of your proof pictures in the gallery! D


12-05-2007 09:30:32

Oh, really? How nice, forgot all about that P


12-05-2007 12:55:31

Awesome, I love it. lol
Email sent already along with proofs.