Having problems with ZeroPricetags?

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10-05-2007 13:20:31

Hey everyone,

There should not be any problems other than login problems. To fix those clear your cookies, cache, and temporary Internet files and they will be corrected. If you use the "Remember Me" feature you will have to disable that to login as well. These are coding problems strictly from ZeroPricetags but like someone else mentioned, it's universal because of the script update. We know it's a pain but it will make things better on both the user and administrator side.

We appreciate your patience and we assure you that your accounts will have no long term negative effects. If you are having any problems please email= email=admin@zeropricetags.comadmin@zeropricetags.com email=admin@zeropricetags.comadmin@zeropricetags.com/email

Thank you!


10-05-2007 18:41:06

lol, I just posted in the topic about my error, then saw this one, and it works now. Looks great.


15-05-2007 14:17:41

I've cleared my cookies and all and it still doesn't work.

Any suggestions? I'm using Safari.


15-05-2007 14:18:59

What's the error message you are getting, ilanbg? The function one or were you using the remember me feature? You have to disable that if so and login and then you can set it again.


15-05-2007 18:45:25

Actually, nothing below the header is loading.

So I don't know how to take off the 'remember me' feature. I've also already cleared the cookies. shrug


15-05-2007 18:47:00

Hm, which browser are you using and your on a Mac, right? Message me on AIM for further assistance, my good man.


15-05-2007 18:50:35

Huh, when I went back to the page I got the same error message on YGF (i.e. different than ZPT used to be) so I tried clearing my cookies again and it worked out.

Thanks, mate.