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03-05-2007 16:58:39

Hey everyone! [/sizea76ce05c56]

We are very proud to announce that ZeroPricetags has shattered the biggest freebie record, fastest site to ship $100,000 in prizes! We beat the competition today by eight days making the total time for this milestone 97 days! That means we paid out an average of [ba76ce05c56]$1,030 a day[/ba76ce05c56]!

Wed like to thank all our members for all the support and gratuity they have shown us. As a reward, we are going to be giving away a small promotional item for nearly nothing! We are giving out ZeroPricetags lanyards

http//[" alt=""/imga76ce05c56]

All you have to do is complete the first TWO pages of the following offer [ba76ce05c56] Promotional Offer Only Generous Genie Apple iPhone[/ba76ce05c56] while logged into your account and then your done! We know we have had some lousy crediting promotional offers but we promise if you complete the first two pages with legitimate information you will get credit! Keep in mind it has to be done manually as well. We expect the lanyards to be shipped out by the end of month. We ordered them a few weeks ago but they delayed unfortunately. We have 250 of them available so get them while supplies last! These are high quality lanyards inch wide with a metal swivel at the bottom.

In other news, we are currently working on a DIY site, as some of you already know that we expect to be up maybe as early as this weekend. We are also working on a gallery page for users to submit their proof pictures as well as a tutorial page where we hope to have a basic walkthrough you guys can send your referrals to. We hope these resources will improve your chances of convincing your friends and family to join and see what all the commotion is about!

Again, thank you everyone for making this possible. We truly have enjoyed running ZeroPricetags and we hope to continue to be considered one of the best freebie sites from years to come!

-The ZeroPricetags Team

The following users will be receiving the ZeroPricetags lanyards



03-05-2007 19:10:36

your link doesn't work (

if you click on it, it just sits and the status bar says "error on page"


03-05-2007 19:11:51

[quotedd6ecc273f="tinkerjenn"]your link doesn't work ([/quotedd6ecc273f]

There is no link in that post. ?


03-05-2007 19:12:57

I mean on the promo offer for the genie iphone thing doesn't work


04-05-2007 06:36:39

Works for me?


05-05-2007 15:43:45

[quote7b116746d0="tinkerjenn"]I mean on the promo offer for the genie iphone thing doesn't work[/quote7b116746d0]

You have to be logged in for it to work. )

I have added a few members who completed the offer and will receive the ZeroPricetags lanyards. If you would like one with your order, contact us and we can work something out. ;)


05-05-2007 16:21:47

ok. I entered my zip, then the 2nd page with address info. It directed me to coolsavings. Is that all I do?


11-05-2007 13:15:10

did mine show up? I did the offer and entered my zip


13-05-2007 11:46:38

OK, I did the first 2 pages of the promotional offer which took me to Generous Genie, then I received an email almost immediately from 'The Rewards Passport' asking me to confirm my subscription. Is that what I need to submit for manual credit?


13-05-2007 15:43:51

I'm getting one to )

Can't wait to wear it everywhere I go.

Anyways, mind saying where you buy these (since they are custom made)..