Referral question

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30-04-2007 02:51:59

When I first started on here I signed up under someone by mistake or it may have not even been a referral number and did a half credit and was wondering if there is anyway to change the referral number to someone who actually needs this done?


30-04-2007 02:59:56

Generally, if you have signed up as a ref for someone, you are usually bound to that person forever, especially if you do an offer. It is possible to get removed from a person (like if they scam and you don't want them to get your green), but you can't usually link to another person's account.

So, unless I am mistaken, you will not be able to transfer your account (which has 1/2 credit) from one referrer to another. You can be removed from the original one, but you can't be placed under someone else.


30-04-2007 10:40:55

Well, a few sites let you do this, but most don't.

Only way to tell would be to open a support ticket, or message him on AIM...