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10-04-2007 17:53:10

I just got approved for an order I do not know where to send my paypal information. I got a message from the admin saying "Hey, We need your PayPal address so we know where to send payment. Thanks!"

I sent an email= with my paypal info to with my paypal info to Am I doing something wrong? Was I suppose to send my info somewhere else?

Can someone help me out.


10-04-2007 18:32:27

Send in a support ticket


10-04-2007 20:28:21

Are you sure you sent an email? I'm not seeing it unless you are )


10-04-2007 20:30:08

yeah....thats me


11-04-2007 12:46:34

Thanks JKirk...funds received. You guys are da bomb.