Anyone having trouble

Live forum:


09-04-2007 19:14:00

for the last 2 days i have tried to log into this site and i get a error that says timed out. I have used internet explorer and firefox and cant get into with either one. Is anyone else having this problem?


17-04-2007 17:12:23

Yep, can't access their site.


17-04-2007 18:45:21

What site is this for?

I can log in to the main ZPT site fine.


17-04-2007 18:45:40

Could you guys PM me and explain more in detail about what is happening? I will do my best to try and fix it.



06-05-2007 16:31:46

Im trying to go green for someone on and I keep getting error page when I click on an offer. Ive got all my firewalls down and Ive deleted cookies and hidden cookies. My other site Im going green on I had no problems....HELP!


06-05-2007 21:55:27

Which offers?


06-05-2007 22:45:35

Its working now..... wink [/color7dfd7f3b59]