Payment update

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08-04-2007 07:05:10

Hey everyone,

First of all, happy Easter! D I just wanted to let everyone know due to the Easter holiday and PayPal security policy,we will be experiencing some small delays on payments. I would recommend if you were thinking of submitting your account today or tomorrow to hold out and refer more because it seems as though I can't talk to PayPal until Monday. Basically, we were just paying out too fast and too much and it triggered something that doesn't allow us to make instant transfers from our bank account anymore but rest assured, everything will be okay. If I had to estimate I'd say the payments will go out tomorrow or Tuesday but it all depends on PayPal so I will keep you guys posted. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and if you are currently in the order process and would like to refer some more people, open a support ticket and I will deny your order so you can!

Thanks and once again, happy Easter! D


08-04-2007 11:12:34

Yea, I hate it so much when PayPal does that crap. Usually gets sorted out within a day or 2 though.


09-04-2007 12:55:23

what are the normal payout days?


09-04-2007 14:07:53

We usually pay out same day often within a few hours, sometimes we pay the day after if it isn't a decent hour. )

All eGold payouts should be handled tomorrow if everything goes as planned. PayPal is still unknown whether it will come tomorrow or Wednesday. Sorry for the inconvenience and 6,000 worth of gifts from this weekend should ship soon! D


09-04-2007 14:17:35

cool, thank you.


09-04-2007 20:19:55

All eGold payments have been sent! )


14-04-2007 11:31:02

We are looking at another delay with our eGold payments only. Our eGold funding source requires us to send in verification forms due to our activity. This was totally unexpected and we should have things wrapped up in a few days but we have to snail mail them so it all depends on when they receive them. If you would like to request PayPal, it will be instant but again, eGold will be delayed a few days. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!


13-06-2007 09:00:46

what is a egold payment?? sounds good whatever it is D


13-06-2007 10:19:53

We do not offer EGold anymore since they government is currently investigating. That, and Egold sources are harder to find and use. If you do not want Paypal you can always request a check.


13-06-2007 10:29:34

oh no i totally want paypal i was just curioud wht egold was it souded intrigueing D