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06-04-2007 22:24:41

? Hi there,

I did this offer on the 31st of March. It didn't credit, so I sent in a manual credit request. It was forwarded to the affiliate, but still hasn't credited. I understand it could take up to weeks to receive the credit, so that in itself is no big deal [only to the trader trying to get their prize completed!]

Anyway, I saw someone in the Train topic forum ask the question of whether or not you had to sign up for the 'paid' membership as opposed to the 'free' membership for There are tons of ppl who's credits are in limbo on this offer, and a response came back in that - yes, in fact, you [b7233162f18]do[/b7233162f18] have to sign up for the 'paid' membership in order to get the credit - even though the sites terms do not explicitly state this.

How do I go about rectifying this situation for the person I was trying to get the green for? I would hate to make this person wait, only to have the credit denied, and my account be - in jeopardy?

Any advice on what I should do to correct this would be greatly appreciated!



07-04-2007 07:26:45

The best thing to do is just complete another offer unfortunately. It never works when you upgrade the membership of an offer because they don't consider that a "lead". (


07-04-2007 07:36:26

Awesome, thanks for the advice. I'm glad to know the credit can still be saved with another offer.



28-05-2007 14:18:38

[quote800028ca00="papillon"]Awesome, thanks for the advice. I'm glad to know the credit can still be saved with another offer.

You can do that on any site. If an offer doesn't credit, you can do a different offer, and hopefully that one will credit.


28-05-2007 14:25:18

Uhm, and this offer STILL hasn't credited - after nearly TWO months. Boy, I'll bet the guy who referred me SURE is happy I did another offer for him.......Ha!



28-05-2007 15:22:10

Working as support for a freebie network, I can tell you that there is a good chance you have been denied credit by the affiliate.


28-05-2007 15:33:28

Yah......considering what I've read on that particular offer, and knowing I signed up for the 'free' membership and not the 'paid' membership, I figured I was SOL. It would at least have been nice to have an answer either way. No loss, so I wasn't too upset. Hopefully has reworded their TOS to make this clear to others.