manual credit request question

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01-04-2007 23:56:09

How soon can I submit a credit request on an instant offer that I completed and didn't get credit for? I did receive the confirmation email. This was on cash.zeropricetags.


02-04-2007 11:45:13

I haven't personally done any of their sites, but if there isn't a specific place to submit credit requests, try opening a support ticket.

Make sure you include the full headers of the confirmation email.


02-04-2007 13:37:32

Thanks. I submitted it this am.


02-04-2007 17:24:20

I would recommend waiting thirty minutes to an hour. +KMA to you, moviemadnessman, for telling them to include full headers. I can't stress that enough. P


02-04-2007 17:36:10

+K to you both. Also, they did credit me today! Thanks Zeropricetags. That was fast! I have seen too many people waiting for weeks on some sites.