Payment updates... :(

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27-03-2007 14:43:15

Hey there,

ZeroPricetags is currently having problems with PayPal and the bank we use due to my credit card being stolen this past week. The thief charged $700 in gift certificates from various stores and I reported it on Sunday. My bank account has ceased a PayPal transfer that was going to be used for payments and it is being held until either Thursday or Friday. I apologize for this delay/inconvenience but it is bank security policy. The same goes for eGold as well since the funds of it were depleted as well. If you need anything, please let me know!



28-03-2007 14:08:27

Woohoo, PayPal cleared it early so payments were just sent for all those who submitted their PayPal.


31-03-2007 09:45:00

That was quick D


31-03-2007 11:02:44

Now I just need some greens so I can put in a request. hehehe