Good news for everyone, especially Canadians!

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16-03-2007 14:19:33

Hey everyone,

Got some good news! Manual credit requests have come in today for Grant Search Assistant, Today's Escapes, Complete Home, and more! There were quiet a few so I hope that helped you guys out. I also wanted to let everyone know that we have ten new offers

Car & Driver Magazine
Actipril All Energy XTRA
Occulence Vision Formula
Ultima Smile - Professional Whitening
Zoeta Weightloss System
American Grant
FU Shirts
Repo Car Search

These offers say they are 1-12 hours but that's only because I have to manually credit them for now. Sometimes they will be instant and sometimes they will be an hour or two. It all depends but I will be on the ball so please be patient! )

Good news to, Canadians! Not only do we have four new trials but we will soon have a lot more. I am in the process of getting a publisher especially focused on Canadian offers so you guys will have it a lot easier! D

I wanted to mention as well that if you are a referrer and you are afraid a referral you are about to a trade with might not know exactly what is up, be sure and tell them to read the terms and conditions. I've had a lot of people lately just totally ignore the terms and conditions of ZeroPricetags and not have any idea what they did wrong when I place them on hold. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!


18-03-2007 11:52:12

I added a few more offers today for everyone. Most of which I've never seen before. thumbsup Again, these new offers should credit [bf59d2e49b8]very[/bf59d2e49b8] well but I will be manually crediting them so they might take a few minutes/hours to go through.

In other news, I have developed a nice little newsletter that will go out with a list of all the new offers lately along with a few other updates. I promise not to blow up everybody's inbox because I'm sure you get enough stuff already but I would like for my users to stay tuned in and be up to date with everything! Sometimes these thread don't do the trick. P


18-03-2007 14:22:42

Ugh, someone must have switched the link around on my Canadian flags that I posted in the thread earlier about the new offers. I used an image hosting place that one of my friend's suggested and I had never heard of it until yesterday. Stupidly, I used them so I guess that's why I've never heard of them. I'd like to apologize to anyone who saw them and let them know I had no intentions of posting those kind of pictures.

Thanks to everyone who reported them to me promptly, submit a support ticket and you will get a small reward. )


19-03-2007 08:49:52

lol interesting i just wonder how the hell do you streach it out that far


19-03-2007 10:07:09

You didn't see them when you posted your first reply? /

Well, at least they are down now... to much goatselili how ever you spell it

Prolly used if you post those images on website, prolly not allowed to... stick with imageshack or just use your website P