I love this site!

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12-03-2007 15:07:38

I just finished this site, I received my $80 and I am waiting for the PSP package to come in! Very fast responses from support, and very friendly. Money and PSP were approved and shipped in like 1 day. None of my referrals had a problem with getting credited. I would definetely recommend this site )


12-03-2007 15:09:47

I want this newtork to be moved into a good rating D i think it deserves it


12-03-2007 15:46:36

Congrats on the PSP as well as the cash! ) Let me know if that game is any good.

Thanks, both of you. )


14-03-2007 05:33:41

ZPT really is such a fantastic network. The owner and his support staff are friendly and always helpful. I too hope it gets a higher rating soon!

Congrats Sugartaspice, I hope you enjoy your new shiny gadget! =D
and remember to post proof pictures in the brag bag when you get it. (I'm heading over there now to post my own for ZPT also lol)


19-03-2007 17:22:08

I agree, submitted my account only a couple hours ago and just credited into PayPal. This is after informing my "payments on approvals" money will be here by the end of week (I hope).

Love this freebie chit.


24-03-2007 03:05:30

this is really a great network. having done so many sites myself, I have found it hard to do new sites because they either have the same or LESS offers than the sites I have already done offers on. This network has a lot more variety and I was able to green instantly with ease. A++. can't wait to see you guys moved up!