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11-03-2007 18:26:20

Hey everyone,

I'm proud to present the release of our newest site, Cash.ZeroPricetags[=http//]Cash.ZeroPricetags[/color9016a12da1]! We decided it would be a great site to release because abotut 75% of the people who does freebies are out to pay debts whether they are from loans, school, or whatever. We are offering big amounts of cash prizes, which of course will require a W9 tax form for these. We do offer eGold which was something that a lot of users couldn't find with other freebie sites. For the most part we will try to send eGold payments as fast as other ones but the funding might take a little longer depending on the exchange service we use with our bank. We will try to keep it well funded and keep up our payment policy of within a day or two. D

In other news, we will begin sending out a newsletter every once in a while updating you guys on new sites, promotions, and other big news. We don't intend on blowing your inbox with every new offer addition or anything silly like that so don't worry. thumbsup

If you guys have any questions, feel free to contact me via support ticket or AIM @ ZPT Support



11-03-2007 18:33:59

Paying for Greens, PM me.


11-03-2007 18:38:10

Damn thats a lot of paypal shock


12-03-2007 20:16:33

If we sign up unreferred can we get an extra referral instead of doing an offer?