Big news from ZeroPricetags!

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10-03-2007 14:53:37

Hey everyone,

A new site is set to be released this weekend most likely. Everything is in place, I'm just waiting to fix a few things such as the reset password option and add a few more offers! The new site will offer many options for people who cash out and one of the options is something no other freebie site offers! Many users have requested it so I had to add it. P Anyhow, I encourage users to post proof pictures to help spread the good news! We continue to beat out the competition by paying out quicker than any other network. Our payments aren't bimonthly, they aren't biweekly, they are practically daily or even hourly. lol

We'd like to say thanks to all the users out there who have spread the word about ZeroPricetags and have said "thanks" for payments or support that we have done. Just a simple thank you is what keeps us going strong! D