Exclusive FiPG $5 Signup Bonus

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05-03-2007 04:47:22

Sign up as a new member for http//4NoCash.com and open a support ticket with the text "FIPG5BONUS" and we'll credit $5 (50 Points) within 24 hours! The minimum cash out is only $10 so that gets you half way there. We ship every Monday.



16-03-2007 16:15:04

Edit I see you guys are taking care of the Referrals4NoCash shut-down.


23-03-2007 14:51:31

[quote1fc01a76e8="Arrow789"]Are you guys the ones who run Referrals4NoCash.com? If so, what's the deal with 'All offers are at your own risk. We don't accept credit requests'? I know people whose credits are not showing up, and it seems to be a recurring problem, more than on other sites.[/quote1fc01a76e8]

I would appreciate an answer to this question also.


23-03-2007 15:10:21

An admin (I think) told me the site is shutting down. There's a thread about it over on Anything4free.com that explains it.


23-03-2007 23:17:58

Yeah that site is closing. Offers stayed up for a few days but "at your own risk". Everyone is getting paid very well though, full rates, it's not one of those "$10 per ref" kind of shut downs.

Doesn't have anything to do with $5 free though.


01-04-2007 19:29:48

The $5 free offer has been extended indefinitely!

This is only for FiPG members.


02-05-2007 16:00:25

We have discontinued the offer for now due to some non-FiPG members abusing it. We'll have a new offer going in the next few weeks.


17-05-2007 09:31:43

You should keep the offer valid, but only to those who post here, and let you know of their registered email (or send you a PM)


20-05-2007 18:45:04

OK. How about this. Anyone who PMs me here with their ref link and who is a new member (no orders placed) gets 50 FREE points. You must have registered on FiPG before this post was made.

This offer stands until I choose to revoke it.


11-06-2007 11:52:10

I am a new member. I pm'd you my link.


25-07-2007 09:19:21

I just signed up. I will PM u referral link now.