Important Poll for Owed Users

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GetStuff4Free Admin

25-05-2008 23:51:30

Hey all,

I would like to know what owed users think about this idea before I officially take over GS4F.
I am willing to pay out all of the profit to cover owed users money.

For example Let's say you were owed $200 and continued on the site, then got another $200 cash out and I pay out $250-$300 instead. If you cash out few times then your owed money will be covered.

( It really depends on which offers your referrals are going to complete, because every offer has different amount of pay outs. )

As I said I will pay out all of the profit to owed users, meaning I'm not going to earn any money from it. I am just trying to help you guys out.

So If the owed users are with me and willing to work on the site just vote on the Poll. If you have a better idea please share it with me.

( Poll will show me to take over GS4F or not to)

Thank you,


26-05-2008 05:30:08

I don't entirely understand your proposition, but I actually am owed $200 and I think I should simply be paid my $200... what more is there? I have been waiting for payment for 2 months.