xbox 360 - halo 3 - worth it??

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08-01-2008 14:19:36

Hey guys
So it all comes down to this... PS3 or [/colora3ef049b5e] [ba3ef049b5e]Xbox 360 elite[/ba3ef049b5e][=http//][ba3ef049b5e]Xbox 360 elite[/ba3ef049b5e]??
I'm not sure which one i want to get. Ive seen those offers for [/colora3ef049b5e]
[ba3ef049b5e]free xbox 360 elite[/ba3ef049b5e][=http//][ba3ef049b5e]free xbox 360 elite[/ba3ef049b5e] and free PS3
but are those legit?
And.. is [/colora3ef049b5e] [ba3ef049b5e]halo 3[/ba3ef049b5e][=http//][ba3ef049b5e]halo 3[/ba3ef049b5e] as good as the hype it built up??
any feedback would be great! [/colora3ef049b5e]